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I´m alive :D

Hellooooo helloooo hellooooo guyssss!
I´m aliveeeee loool
the reason why I did not updated anything here is that I´m
more active at my Lj.
I keep creating etc.
I finished your requests a few months ago but did not uploaded them here....So hope it´s ok
Just visit me on 
there are my actual Updates etc.
and the requests you guys wanted.
I´ll do them .
4.9.10 13:11


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Raadhika (6.9.10 19:54)
heyy your back on your site yaya i love all your creations and i would like to request some pictures i always wanted you to desgin them for me i hope you like them

madhupriya (6.9.10 20:45)
Hii aish great creations always looking forward to seeing what you create next =) in your next post i wanted to send you some pics if you would please make them into icons for me thank you <3

anisha (6.9.10 20:49)
hey aish great to know your back on your site i hav some images too request

bahiyaa (6.9.10 20:52)
great website i had visited your livejournal and i love it you creations are amazing i wanted to request some pics too you but i didnt know if you were taking but since you are here are my request <3

aish73 (9.9.10 21:44)
Hello hello guys !
Enjoyed every comment ! Made me happy
YOu are so sweet ! Glad u like my creations
I´ll try to do them this WE..
take care

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Hallo =) Mein Name ist Bahar und ich komme aus Deutschland. Ich bin 17 Jahre alt und meine Hobbies sind sport zu treiben und creieren... - Mehr ???
Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Page ^^ Ich hoffe sie gefällt euch und ich wünsche euch viel spaß beim rumstöbern.. achja, vergesst nicht, mir einen Kommi zu machen :P xoxo